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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Wedding…Wait… What?

So in a few weeks Skip and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. When we got married we said that for our 5 year…hoping we would make it that far after only knowing each other for a couple months before hand…that we would go to Ireland to celebrate. Something about that place calls to both of our hearts…which is odd because neither him nor I have it in our blood…but it is in our hearts. Well 5 years rolled around and as usual…life gets in the way. We had a very young daughter and it just wasn’t the time. So then we said…’10 for sure…that’s when we will go.’ And then we never really put away for it…and so that wasn’t going to happen either. We kicked around going back to California for a hot minute…but we’d been there. Blah blah blah…what about Tennessee? Close enough to drive…Claire doesn’t have to get on a plane…we’d never been there. So we book this great little cabin with a hot tub and plenty of privacy down near Gatlinburg. And what do you know? Gatlinburg is full of little Vegas style, but not as lame, wedding chapels…which is what Skip and I were going to do the first time around.

So this time…I proposed…and he said yes. I booked a little chapel next to a creek and we’re getting married again…on our 10 year anniversary….and I am completely excited. Tonight…I even started looking around…half heartedly…for a dress. I’ve never really been a dress girl. We got married in jeans the first time…but for some reason…I want a dress..and flowers…and dinner….and this man…for at least another 10 years…times 3…possibly.


My running is going well. I consider myself to be rebuilding after taking so much time off with my foot. And I mean time OFF. I usually run over 1200 miles a year…in 2012 I logged 500 miles. That's right….less than half. And most of that was logged in the beginning of the year when I was training with Dom for his half. So I feel like I am almost where I started. I have built back up to 5 miles 3 times a week and that is where I will stay until I feel strong doing that. I really want to run a decent 10 mile at Lighthouse this year…but I am listening to my body for a change…and if I can’t get there healthy and strong…then I just wont get there…regardless of how much I want it. Oddly enough…I don’t feel desperate to get back into the heavy mileage. Maybe I’m growing up…wouldn’t that be something.

Other stuff

I am in phase 3 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution….and it is badass…and hard. I am a P90x grad so I can speak with some authority on hard. My plan is to finish this…take a month off…and then move on to Insanity. I want to have completed all three programs in a year. See what I do when I can’t run people? I am ridiculous. But I am a strong ridiculous. Today I piggy backed workout 9 with the cardio DVD for the month. I have been substituting running where the plan calls for cardio…so this is the first time I’ve done that one. And I’ll tell you what….I felt better after finishing my marathon then I did after finishing those two workouts today. Holy shit…talk about sore.

So that’s it for now. What do other people do when they can’t run I wonder? Do they punish themselves with other pain? Or just try stuff that they didn’t have time for when they ran all the time? Am I really growing up? Or is my affair with running on it’s last legs? I guess we shall see.


  1. Just finally could get on the elyptical last night without pain. Still can't run or get on treadmill. Guess swimming and girly workouts are in my future. I'm in the midst of Jillian week 2. It blows. But it works.
    Happy Anniversary and have a great weekend!

  2. Had the most amazing 3rd wedding EVER!

    I love you baby!



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