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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blogging eh?

That's what Skip said when I told him I made this today.....but..if it keeps me out of his hair..all is perfect in his world.

So I ran this morning...it was dark and beautiful and I forget how quiet in the morning. Love it really...don't know why I don't do it more often. It started snowing about a mile from home..perfect. It's funny what a difference 12 hours make...running at 6 in the morning as opposed to 6 at night...so much more traffic, no animals. I love being the one making the fresh tracks in the snow.

The new ASICS are working out nicely. I bought their absolute bottom of the line trail shoe to trash over the winter..and it's really not a bad shoe all things considered. Would like a bit more cushion..but for the price...very good indeed. But in spite of it being beautiful out...this was my second shitty run this week. Don't know what's up with that but damn...it's getting old and it better turn itself around by Saturday because I have 10 miles with my name on it and I don't feel like running it on dead legs.

Anyways....it's New Years Eve and Skip and I are actually going out for a change. Kind of exciting..although New Years is never exactly what it's supposed to be is it. We're dropping lil T off at 6 with Grandma and heading out to dinner and then I 'think' Sunset. We'll see.

Here are the thoughts for 2009 changing into 2010.

I will make no solid plans for myself...only hazy hopes.

I hope to be ready for my half-marathon in April.
I hope that V keeps his grades up.
I hope Skip finds a different job.
I hope nothing else happens to my car before it's paid off.
I hope my friends find the peace and happiness that they each deserve.
I hope to keep my expectations of myself and others reasonable.

There...I think that's enough for now isn't it?


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