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Saturday, December 31, 2011

30 Day Shred Final Results and Christmas

So today I completed the 30 day shred…it took more like 45 days with me going to New York and all but I don’t imagine the results would be very different. Let me just say this is an incredible program. And if I’d done any diet modification the results would be greater. I am very pleased. It was simple, easy to follow with plenty of modifications and less than 30 minutes a day. With my running less mileage with Dominic in tow..this program was perfect for this time in my life.

Total inches lost- 14 inches…over a freakin foot.

Total weight lost- none. After the initial 3 pound loss which came back..I hung steady at my normal weight.

How do you manage to not lose any weight when you’ve lost over a foot of body size you ask? It’s easy….be Claire. Bear in mind that I am hypothyroid and had to have gastric bypass in order to lose significant weight. She has a newer program called Ripped in 30 which I plan on buying today and including diet modification, see what happens.


Christmas was wonderful! The kids were happy…we were all together…and for the first time in years Skip and I exchanged gifts. We usually donate the money we would spend on each other but for whatever reason…this year we didn’t. And on Christmas Eve..unable to contain their excitement..my family gave me my heart’s desire.

I call him Blu.

I cried…told them that they couldn’t buy me a kayak…and parked my ass right in it. I am SO happy and excited. Although it’s kind of like getting a bike for Christmas….here’s your present…you can use it in 6 months…HA! We have big plans Blu and I. I’ve wanted one since we rented them on vacation two years ago…and knowing I would never spend the money on myself…Skip did it for me…I love that man. I was so completely touched and amazed that the kids were able to keep it a secret.
Christmas Eve
She was part of the multitude..kind of ironic.
My boys :)
Christmas morning..rocking her new hat.
Grandma is boozing...again!
Brian in his present....gotta rest from all that running.
Mug shot of a future half marathoner....ready, set...GO!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New York New York

Yeah..I pretty much never want to see that place again. It was better this time…without my parents or a funeral going on…but still very difficult. Through various forms of miscommunication…we were under the impression that we didn’t have to empty the entire house. This was quickly changed when I talked to the realtor myself and realized that the entire place needed to be gutted. Added to this the fact that when we got to the airport I was informed by my older brother that he did not take Monday off so we needed to be back on Sunday…this became a big ass job with one day less than we thought we would have for a pretty big ass job. Enter a 30 yard dumpster and a 4 day mad freakin dash….ugg. Imagine dumping 90 plus years of shit in 4 days…and putting a bunch of stuff in a 16 foot POD to be trucked across the country for my parents so that when they’re gone….I get to do this again…lucky me.
There were good parts…lots of laughs and joking. Skip set 4 different alarm clocks and put them around my little brothers room set to go off anywhere from 3 to 5 AM. I bought Skip a Perry the Platypus hat that we couldn’t get off him for two days. I got to run in that beautiful Muttontown Preserve again which was stunning and beautiful…and let me keep my sanity and not kill anyone. We spent time with Alana and Brian who were Johns neighbors and my newest set of favorite people. It was good to spend some time again…with the only two people in the world who share the exact same blood as me. And Skip got to see his best friend from California who had moved to New York and they had not seen each other in over 8 years. I was also able to take Christmas wreaths for my grandparents and John out to the cemetery…Bruce took me….it was nice….but sad. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.
The bad parts were as I expected. You can’t have that much ego in that small of a space and there not be some power struggle and childhood bullshit come up. My older brother and I have never been tight…and in a lesser way..he is every bit as lame and hording as my Dad which I HATE! And of course it pissed me off that TONS of this could have been done the last time we were there if my father had not been with us and Bruce had buckled down and realized that he couldn’t bring everything back. I mean…why bring shit back that you already have? Why transport things that you don’t need? Give it away..you don’t need it…and someone else could use it. Bullshit…blah.

Bruce getting his sweep on.

Good Stuff
I am still doing the Shred. I took 5 days off while we were out there because dude didn’t have a DVD player and the TV’s went in the dumpster the first day. So I finished day 10 of level two but am going to stay on it for a few more days before progressing due to my missing days. So I figure I’m about 13 days from finishing the thing. I will wait to do measurements again till the end and post them. Dom is still running…we’re going to do our second 5 miler tonight. I bought him new running shoes because his ghetto Vibriams just won’t cut it in the Wisconsin winter. We ended up getting Reebok's version of the Nike Frees…I can’t remember what they’re called. But we ran 4 miles Tuesday night and he liked them…but said they were heavy…lol. I need to piece together some winter gear for him and we need to start looking at training plans…I’m excited…excited to see him commit to something….he’s going to be a hell of a half marathoner.
Trail at Muttontown Preserve
Walled garden...a bit overgrown.
Mansion Ruins~stairs
I think I would run there every day.
Hope everyone is well!


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