Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hammer Nutrition Montana Huckleberry and 12.75 miles

*Click Me*This was seriously one of the first energy gels that did NOT make me want to hurl.  It actually tasted good...did not sit like lead in my pouch...and gave me a serious kick in the pants that I needed today when I had NO business attempting a long run after last night.  Good good stuff.  I need to find a store that carries it and try the multi pack.  I want to give it a number of run throughs before my half so I know for sure that my pouch is not going to reject it at mile 7 causing me to detour into the bushes to die. 

So we went out last night...hit a couple of bars in Racine before ending up at *This Place* to see *These Guys* who have been around FOREVER...excellent cover band...great show.  My friend Dawns husband works with their bass player and his wife bartends at McAuliffe's.  She is totally adorable...I met her at Dawns husbands Christmas party..and no..I don't know why I was there...and just loved her.  The bar was so packed I didn't even get to say 'hey' till barclose but I'll definitely go in on a notso packed night to see her...  I didn't drink very much...maybe three the entire night...but I was still exhausted and didn't get home till almost 3.  Up by 7...blah.

So needless to say...my run...along with being late in the day....also sucked.  I was dead tired from the minute I stepped out the door.  The first hour went by pretty decently...even for being dead tired.  But when i long run..I make sure I loop and go pretty far from home to make sure I don't cut it short.  I'm all about taking my chances to be a sissy away from myself.  But man...once I started to head back...even with the wind now behind me...I was TIRED!  Another stupid thing I do when I long run is don't start taking any gels or drink untill I've been out at least an hour.  There are two reasons I do this....1. so I don't have to pee..especially if it's light out...and 2. Because I'm a cheap/poor mofo and those gels are over a buck a piece.  Oh well...it's done for this week.  Don't have to think about it again for a week.

In other news...I found *This*  It's out of stock online..and it's not the one I want...but it will work till i can afford the one I want. 

Hope my two readers have a great week! 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Lakes MultiSport Cycling and Running Expo

Great Lakes MultiSport Cycling and Running Expo

What a great expo! Lots of freebies, I had my running gait assessed, coupons and being amongst my own kind of people. I was hoping it would be more running then anything…but it wasn’t. Lots of Tri and cycling stuff.  Lil T scored lots of candy, pens etc.  She could have done some running herself but she wasn't having that....certificate or not.

I had some great ladies from Aurorah Sports Medicine assess my running.  Got up on the treadmill and they videoed me for a couple minutes and then we sat down and watched it.  They didn't really tell me anything I didn't know...I underpronate which I knew...and I have about a 3 degree hip drop on either side..which I also knew.  But it was fun to see what my tankass looks like when I run...too funny.

Hammer Nutrition in particular caught my eye.  Looks like they have some great gels and tablets.  I got several samples that I'll try on my long runs in the coming weeks.  They look perfect for me due to the low sugar content.  These are the samples I picked up from them.

I'll review these after I try them..but the looked excellent and the prices are reasonable. Real nice gal named Erika working the expo...informative and totally unpushy.

So on to my run with Jeff.  It went really well.  I almost wiped out on the ice once and he caught me...he almost wiped once and I caught him.  Now the second time he started to go down, I didn't catch him..and he kinda bit it....but all in all...it was good.  We did a good bit of walking...but for his first time out since October...it was really good.  I would definitely do it again and plan to next weekend.  He works 6-2 during the week so we can't go unless we went at night..which I don't want to do. So we're set up to do another 4 miler next week.  I'll run from my house to his which is around 3 miles...do 4 with him..and then 3 home.  So I'll incorporate him into my long run.  Good.

13 plus tomorrow.

Heading to the bar tonight to see a show with some girls from work...need to take it easy on the booze or that's gonna be one miserable run.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Big Weekend Plan

Is….a 6.6 miler in the morning with Jeff the running dude…we’re meeting over on the Pike trail. I’m going to run there *1mile*, lap it twice with him *4.6miles*, and run back *1mile*. Then a 13 or 14 mile run on Sunday. I may run in Kenosha if JP wants to meet…if not..I’ll do it here…maybe run to the lake and back? If I run in Kenosha I’ll park by my mom’s again and head out from there. It’s about 5.5 miles from her house to Lake Andrea where I run with J…and 2.2 around the lake…then 5.5 back. I don’t know..I guess we’ll just wait and see.

So I was talking with Jeff today and he’s like…’Claire, I feel kind of stupid asking this…but what do I wear?’ I told him to go get his ass some running tights…and if he hates cold weather running…he can always be Peter Pan for Halloween…..I think we’re going to get along just fine. He’s a Marine…always traveling with his girlfriend…going to Thailand in March. I think Skip would really like him.
I guess he’s never run in the cold…living in Wisconsin I don’t understand how that can be…but there it is.

In work news….I actually had a first today. Did this fellas drug screen and he gave me a cold sample *brought in someone else’s pee because his is dirty*. I told him he had to either repeat it today…or it would be witnessed if he came back tomorrow. I’m not new…I know what this dude is up to. He asked me if any other companies would know if he got a positive result….told him no…but that if he knew it was going to be positive…that he shouldn’t waste this companies money at 50 bucks a test. He actually said…’I’m not going to waste their money.’ Holy shit! This was the first time in 9 years that someone actually manned up and acknowledged what was up…good stuff…kudos to you dude…

So I’m really stolked about this weekend. I hope I make it to the Expo tomorrow but don’t know if that’s going to fit in. Now lil T and I are waiting for Skip to get home from dropping the boys off…I feel like I haven’t seen him all week….and I really haven’t. He’s not going to Oklahoma…yeah!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

6.5 and tossing cookies

Dude…..cold morning……and windy to boot. It’s funny how I try to talk myself out of going running due to the weather but always manage to go out anyways. I come back covered in ice….too funny. I am thriving in this weather for some reason. My times are generally better…improving even. I feel incredible….and have barely even had a sniffle this winter. But…with that said…I’m hoping that January ends up being the coldest month…even though I know I could run in a ‘bit’ colder weather. Last year I wouldn’t even consider running in anything under 30 degrees…probably closer to 40….today is was about 4…and I was fine…..weird.

In weight news….I’m down 12 pounds from my regain. I want to drop another 10 but don’t know if that will happen. I liked my body around 150…which was pretty much my lowest….but a bit over a year out from surgery I popped up to about 162 and stayed there till late this fall when I was up to 172. This morning I was 160. I think a lot of that regain came from me reading about runners needing all these carbs to do serious distance running….what I didn’t factor in is that MOST runners are NOT gastric bypass patients. So I got back to basics….protein protein protein…with my carbs coming from fruit and whatnot instead of grains and pastas. I went back to that first summer when I was running and excelling…NOT eating carbs. And it seems to be working. I’m back to working out 6 days a week….running Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday…Tae-bo on Mondays, Scary weight training chic on Wednesday and resting on Friday. That doesn’t include the lower body maintenance exercise that I do most every day. The only problem I have, is with the mileage I’m doing…I’m always hungry…always looking for food. But…I’m reaching for fruit and protein…and I’m getting back down where I want to be…running faster…feeling awesome.
So I’m supposed to be at the dentist right now…but lil T decided to start some serious hurling this morning and I didn’t feel like spreading that around the dentist’s office…don’t mind my kid sitting in the waiting room with a bucket full of puke….yeah…I don’t think so. So T and I are big pimpin, watching the Little Mermaid and staying in. Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running with people Etiquette

Sooo sleepy. I’m adjusting to the early hours…sort of. I love not having to worry about running at night and taking away from the family time. Takes so much pressure off.

There’s a fella at my work that is a runner…a kind of in hiatus runner but a runner nonetheless. He saw me out running with Brian a month ago or so and told me about seeing me. I immediately told him when he was ready to get going again to let me know and we could run together….and he’s finally taken me up on it. He ran the Marine Corp. Marathon in D.C. in October and has been off since then so I figure at least at first…we may be evenly matched. I guess I’ll find out on Saturday because we’re meeting for an easy 4 plus miles over on Pike trail. I’m kind of tweeked because I’ve never run with a ‘real’ runner before. Just V and J.. who is learning. This dude has 4 marathons under his belt…he’s the real deal. I’m a two year young runner whose longest race was a bad 10 miler. I’m not sure how this works…we’re acquaintances at best, having never even spoken before him seeing me out running. What do you talk about? Do you have to talk? Can you hack lougies in front of them? Is it considered gross to jet of into the bushes to pee if you’re running with a dude? Blah….

Tomorrow night is date night…it will be nice to see my husband for a second for a change. He told me he’s going to Oklahoma next week…I wonder what for?

6 in under 60

Miles in minutes that is.  Awesome...although I almost puked at the end there.  I'm at work and will blog later...but wanted to get that out there while the 'victory' is still fresh and not draining me too much.  I am one whooped puppy.  I said last Tuesday that maybe I'd break an hour this week...not really thinking I could...but...it appears I can....

Till later.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lil T parties like a rockstar..and a great post.

Great Post!  Love love love what this guy has to say all the time but today especially.

And other news.  Tinky has been celebrating her birthday since Saturday morning...and it's actually tomorrow.  Yesterday we started with a bowling party with some little friends and today was the family party.  Eighteen people in my 1000 sq. foot house...too damn many!  But, she had a wonderful time....both days and I'll suck it up for my last baby turning 5.  She also has her party at pre-school tomorrow....she gets to wear the crown....lol.

In running news, Brian and I had a nice interval run to the tune of 5.5 miles in 55 minutes.  The sun actually showed itself for the first time in weeks and it was WINDY!!  Most of the snow has melted and the beaver lodge is completely visible.  I really needed a run like today's....it was beautiful out...40 degrees and in spite of the wind...which continues to howl....it felt perfect.  Milage for the week was 28.1...or something like that. 

I feel pretty prepared for the half.  I've got time either way.  I'd like to get a number of runs in that exceed the race distance..and I have the time to do those.  What I don't get...is that when I read half-marathon training plans...they often don't have you running the actual distance of the race...or if they do..it's like one time.  How is that preparing someone at all?  Isn't that leaving alot up to race day adrenaline?  I know a gal that completely tanked on her half...had to walk a number of miles...and when she showed me the training plan she used.....I don't 'think' they ever even had her do race distance.  I think plans like this are shit and shouldn't be out there...but then again...wtf do I know?

Anyways....I'm off to snuggle my babygirl on her last night as a 4-year-old.  I can't believe she's turning 5...how can that possibly be when she was just born like a minute ago?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

10.1 and the Root River

What an ugly ugly morning! I planned to head out by 7 because we're having lil T's party today but that didn't happen..more like almost 8...but I got there. Had no particular route in mind but ended up on the Root River Pathway which ended up being a total shithole of ice and slop...but it was quiet.

One of the many bridges over the Root River.

Not for me it's not.

I think this is on Kinzie..could be wrong.

Met this dude taking pictures of this..called it IceHenge.  It was right in the middle of the river...said his cousin did it...lol

Just a stump

Don't know what this building is...I need to ask Skip.  It just sits on top of a hill looking awesome.

I have a boatload of stuff to do.  Glad T and I made redvelvet cupcakes last night for her party.  Used applesauce instead of oil...you save about a bazillion calories that way and they still taste great!
Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crappy Runs..and why I do em.

I do em because my ass is already out the door and I didn't know any better when I left.  That was this morning...6.5 of slog and drudge.  Just wasn't feeling it and my time reflected.  I took Brian with me and watching him I wish I could be a dog.  They NEVER have a bad run..they're just happy to be running...for the sheer joy of it.  He is crazy cute..those big ole ears perked up at every turn.  Loves the ducks by the trail, loves the snow, love love love..that's him.

I've been thinking alot about those obscenely priced GPS watch thingys...and if 300 bones ever drops out of the sky I may just get myself one.  My pace is so inconsistent and though that may not be a bad thing...it feels like one.  It would be nice to vary my routes more because although I have many..and many of them I've logged and saved, I would like to be able to go out and just look at my wrist and know how far I've gone...if I should pick up my pace or slow the hell down *usually not even possible...LOL*.  I love running and being able to look at things, not worry about the miles and whatnot...so on the flipside..the GPS may not be the best idea for me.

In ever present other news...I had a date with my dentist today.  Since August I've had two cavities that I could actually see that were not there the end of summer.  Now due to my surgery I can not drink soda, have to take it WAY easy on sugar because they make me sick.  But my teeth have also gone to shit.  I don't know if it's related to surgery...I'm not deficient in any vitamins or minerals and my labs were awesome BTW.  But man...in the last two years I've had to have 2 teeth pulled, the two root canals I had have seriously busted off and I've lost them....need implants now...and multiple cavities...total bullshit..because I take such care with my teeth.  I am sick of it and don't know what to do.  Doc says alot of it is hereditary...my moms teeth are also shit..but both of my brothers have wonderful teeth.  And he was not educated enough about my surgery to say if it has any bearing or not.  Note to self...ask surgeon when I see him.  But I researched Gastric Bypass for 2 years before I had it done and don't remember ever seeing anything about teeth...hmm.  So I got the one done and the other will be done next Thursday.  I have a revolving line of credit with this dude I swear.

Skips on 2-10 tonight so it's just me and the kiddos tonight.  I've got ribs in the crockpot and lil T is sleeping.  Till  next time...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 years Post Gastric Bypass...sort of

So my actual 2 year surgiversary was October 24th of 2009...but I kinda missed it.  I'm supposed to see my surgeon yearly and have a whole mess of labs drawn to make sure I'm not deficient in any way from the surgery.  Basically, I'm on a vitamin regimen for the rest of my life and this is his way of checking up on me...and making sure I'm still alive and all.  So I called this week and after my firm talking to from Mary the secretary, I have an appointment for next Thursday....and he ordered said mess of labs.  I had them drawn today...like 8 tubes of blood.  I checked them before I left and only the CBC and CMP were back...but both of those were fine. The rest should be in by Friday...so I'll peek then. 

So to date...I lost 100 pounds..but regained 12...which is normal.  I liked it at my lowest weight...but my body didn't...so I bounced back up and have been there for over a year.  I don't regret my surgery for one second...it was the best thing I could have done.  It's not the easy way....shit no....anyone who says that has not done their homework.    I've never done anything harder in my life.  Relearning how to eat, making sure I'm always up on my protein, vitamins every day..twice a day...and exercise.  I always did that...but not like I do now.  My results are not typical in alot of ways.  I have no excess skin, very little makes me sick...and honestly...most of the time I don't even think about it....it's just how I eat now...how my life is now...and I wouldn't change any of it.  I was off my cholesterol meds within a month post-op, my resting heartrate is about 54 and my bloodpressure is amazing.....and best of all....I can run for miles....LOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soooo Stolked!

Is that even really a word?  If it is..and damn..even if it's not..that's what I am about this mornings run.  I did 6 miles and 1 hour 43 seconds...I've never been able to go that fast off a treadmill.  Now I know compared to most...this is snailpaced...but to hell with everyone else..for me..that's amazing.  The last 3 Tuesdays I've run exactly the same rout and gone from 1 hour 8 minutes down to 1 hour 43 seconds...that's HUGE to me!  Maybe I can break an hour next week. 

I really don't want to put a time on my half that's coming up in April.  When I first started thinking about it I thought 1 hour 45 minutes...but in the last year...I've realized that time it TOTALLY unrealistic for me...totally.  If I go under 2.5 hours I think I'll be happy.  I'll be happy either way...but that's kind of what's stuck in my head.  I know I can go 6 miles in a bit over an hour...but I could never keep that up for an additional hour on top of that...where the hell did I get an hour forty-five from?  I can't even remember. 

So that was my morning.  I think I'm going to have to adjust either the time or day of my long run this week.  We're having lil T's birthday party this Saturday...so I'm either going to have to get it done MAD early or do it on Sunday....we'll have to see.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brian the Jackass and Updates from the Beaver Lodge

So J wasn't feeling good this morning and I decided to stick close to home and run solo.  This is not entirely true because I tried to con D into running with me but he wasn't having it.  Since it was a balmy 25 degrees I took both dogs with me...something I have not done since late summer.  Actually this is the first time I've had Jenga out since then...and she was wonderful...just happy to go.  Now Brian on the other hand...acted like a complete moron and I threatened to tie him to a tree and NOT come back for him....which is probably exactly what I should have done.  He was weaving, drifting, trying to chase every damn thing he saw...ugg...either I need to get him out more....or I need to retire him at 1 years old...lol. 

Jenga is the red one...pushing 9 years old...2 years running.

I didn't even realize there were ducks in there till I got home and uploaded.

Looks like the beaver lodge has been having company...I hope no assholes mess with it.
Did you know the average beaver weighs between 40-60 pounds?

So that's it...my Sunday run.  4.3 miles...45 minutes 58 seconds...intervals.  I hit 30 miles this week.  Not bad for mid January in Wisconsin.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

13.25 miles and Chicken and Dumplings

Tired from the first...stuffed from the second.  Gave Chicken and Dumplings a shot for the first time and it was a big family success...really not complicated at all.  Thanks Funkygirl.

So I went out to my moms to drop V off and just left my car there and did my long run.  I really didn't have a distance in mind....I know if I run for 2 hours I go at least 10 miles....so that's my minimum for a long run.  I was feeling pretty good so I stayed out longer.  It was cloudy and overcast....but...it's January in Wisconsin...this is to be expected...lol.  It ended up being 13.25 miles and took me 2 hours 38 minutes.

Sign entering Carol Beach

Room with a view..just a random house I snapped.

Ugly dirty ice

Mini Iceburg...lol

This is my friend Sams house growing up. 
You can see across Lake Michigan
from that top room.

My parents house.

And the Hiding Tree.  We spent a ton of time up that tree growing up.
At Halloween we used to climb way up it and swing a homemade
Ghost out in front of cars.

So there's my long run and a little trip down memory lane.  It was cool to run out there...I almost never get to.  It was also crazy good to run the half marathon distance.  I hadn't done that since early fall.  My legs feel pretty good and the rest of me is even better.  I have a date with D and lil T for a movie night....Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Monsters vs Aliens....good stuff.

~In the words of HH....rockin it 28th Avenue Style~

Friday, January 15, 2010


A little 6 week old baby died in Kenosha County this morning.  This is...I believe..the 4th co-sleeping death in southeastern Wisconsin in the last 2 months.  When oh when will people realize what a horrible idea this is?  I just don't get it....and in two of these instances....it wasn't just the parents...but also other children in the bed!!  I don't know about anyone else...but I just didn't do this with my kids.  They slept in their cribs..and when they woke up in the night...guess what?  I got my butt out of bed and went and got them!  Errrr....senseless death.

In other news...today was my off day..so only maintenance exercise..mostly done between patients at work.  I also ate my first  *unwich* from JimmyJohns today.  This is a subsandwich that is wrapped in lettuce instead of bread.  I must say...it was really good!  I'm always pleased to find pouch friendly things in the fastish food realm. 

I have a 11 miler plus planned for the A.M.  I'm heading out to my Moms to drop middle son off and I'll just go from there.  Down by the lake and I'll run along 1st Ave...beautiful houses..beautiful water.  Can't wait!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


  My running budy.   I should have taken him with me this morning...but he chose to sleep in instead.  This is Brian....and he's a runner.  17 pounds of pure puppy muscle...he's not even one....LMAO.

6.4 this morning....in an hour 10.

Lil T and I are off to grocery shop...later.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SMAK** old pictures

So my darling sister in law posted pictures and tagged me in them...of my pre-surgical days...on Facebook. Man..was I ever tubby. At first I was pissed..even though I'm sure she meant no harm..and my brother..her husband..looks hott in them. But after a brief...OMFG everyone is going to see them moment...I was glad. I NEVER want to forget what I looked like...or how very far I've come....or how VERY much my life has changed.

So here's the pic she posted...and also a few post surgery pics...boyaa! 6 miler in the A.M.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 by 6

With 5 minutes to spare I might add. Now I did this same run last Tuesday at night and it took me 1 hour 8 minutes. This morning it took me about 5.5 minutes less. Now that doesn't sound like much less...but that's almost a minute less per mile....which is HUGE in my world. It was about 22 degrees and cloudy...but nice. I didn't even come close to getting hit by a car once. I got up at 20 to 5 and was in the shower a few minutes after 6. Not to mention...I was not only on time to work...but EARLY! That almost never happens...lol.

Want to take a second to give a shitty shoutout to two places of business in Racine, WI for not clearing the snow from their sidewalks when it hasn't snowed in...hmm..I don't know....like 5 days? Advanced Auto and HaveAHeart Pets on Washington road....you SUCK!! And may you have to run MANY miles in that crap some day.

So the experiment was a success....I can still get up and run at that hour...and run well. It was really nice not to have to worry about doing it after work...dumping the kids on Skip when he's worked a full day as well. Good stuff.

And a quick Happy Birthday to my little brother Paul who is 31 today....I love you..and may this year be most awesome for you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Return of the Earlybird

Hopefully. I'm trying to get back into doing my workouts, running and otherwise, before the rest of the family is awake. I feel like doing it at night really cuts into the family time...and that is not acceptable to me. I used to always run in the morning...never any other time. I'm not sure how I got away from this....hmmm...things to ponder.

So today I got up at 5 and had my date with Billy Blanks before the sun came up. This wasn't too bad because I played hooky today and didn't have to leave the house by 7 for work. Tomorrow the plan is to get out of the house a bit before 5 and be back at 6. This means that Skip is going to have to get D up but he doesn't mind that. That will put me in the shower by 6:10 and out of the house by 7. Here's hoping.

6 miles by 6 a.m. or bust.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Braggin on J

I have to take a second here to brag on J. She rocked this morning...in freakin 4 degrees...doing 2.5 run to 2.5 walking... She's soooo going to be ready for that 5K in April. I can't quite tell if she's proud of herself...she's not that kind of girl...but she should be. To get out there..no bitchin about the cold...no 'I'm tired..this hurts' bullshit. Awesome.

I got there 25 minutes early so I could lap it before she got there. 2.3 miles 24 minutes 35 seconds....wanna talk bullshit. I've been at this 2 years now...and i don't think my times have ever REALLY improved. My best pace was 9.2 and that was in a 5K two summers ago. It's alright though. I'll never be fast...but damn if I won't finish.

Skip is in Madison with my ex again...I'm sensing a weird trend starting. I don't mind though...could be a hellofalot worse. I'm glad they can be friends....sure makes things easier. And lil T just loves Adam...for whatever reason. And I am definitely enjoying my kid/husband free Sundays...if only football season could last forever.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So I decided to take a camera out with me this morning....because even with music...11 miles can get to be a bit long. I thought maybe taking pictures of all the stuff I see might be a way to break things up a bit. My particular favorite is the mound in the middle of the picture on the bottom right. It's a beaver dam..and you don't see those on the treadmill do ya? 11 miles even, 2hours 11 minutes. Off to get some laundry done...

Friday, January 8, 2010

I can't put my arms down!

That's the only line I like from the Christmas Story but it fits today. Can't lift them up..can't put them down. It's weight training day and this little lady kicked my ass from 5-6 a.m.
She looks like a porn star of sorts but is worth her weight in gold. This broad is personally responsible for my 'guns' her and no one else. Looking at her site makes me realize that she has some new stuff I need to get...as if the 'old' stuff wasn't bad enough. VERY high reps and low weight...good stuff.
I have a 10 plus miler planned for the morning. It's supposed to be 19 degrees which is 10 degrees warmer then it was last weekend. I'm thinking I'll stick fairly close to home either way.
Lil T and I are going to watch 'UP' and wait for Daddy to get home. Happy weekend~!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Morning Run

This is the trail pictured in the summer...picture it under a perfect blanket of snow. 6.5 miles at a bit over an hour. I wonder if I just run better...faster..in the morning...I need to check that...test it against the same run at night.

It's snowing like crazy here....calling for 6 to 10 inches today. It was perfect out this morning...the weather keeps the crazies in although on my second loop around Pike River Trail I did have company in human form...some other crazy ass dude that just grinned like a fool *mirroring my own I'm sure* as we passed each other. I felt awesome...although I did experience a 'first' this morning...I had to stop and take little snowballs off my eyelashes...shit you not. Too funny.

I'm loving the new softshell jacket. It was about 19 degrees this morning...and I was wearing my tights, windpants, a tank top, and that softshell and I was just fine temperature wise. Hat and gloves of course...and came home looking like a psychotic snowbitch....good times folks...good times.

So little T and I are going to head out and get the grocery shopping done before we're snowed in. The boys were very unhappy that it wasn't a snowday which it was in the town next to us. Maybe they'll let them out early.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Date Night/Off Night

No running today...I'll get out in the morning before the snow storm hits...hopefully. I'm half hoping for a snow day for the kids tomorrow...I'm in the mood for snowballs and snowmen.

Skip and I dropped the kiddos at church and hit the local Applebees for drinks and appetizers. He's now getting the children and I'm laying in bed regretting said drinks and appetizers...yuk. My pouch often disagrees with gross foods and tonight is one of those times. So I'm stuffed full of Tums and checking out Realtor.com....one of my all time favorite sites. It blows me away how expensive this part of the country is. What the hell is it about this area...or maybe Wisconsin in general..that makes it feel like it's worth it's weight in gold as far as real estate goes? There's really nothing here...it's not particularly beautiful. We have the lake...which is good for nothing most of the time unless you sail..which not many people can afford to do because the cost of living is so damn high. We would leave..in the blink of an eye...if we could. Hopefully....that will be possible some day....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Running

Does not suck per say....but...my times are a little slower, I have to wear allot more clothes...and the dogs aren't as big on it as they are in softer weather.

I did 6 miles tonight and it took me 1 hour 8 minutes even. Brian went with me...wearing his gay little sweater with the bone on it...and I had to stop 3 different times and carry him for a bit because I noticed he was 3 legging it due to the cold. I guess he needs it to be over 20 degrees in order for him to hang...note to self...leave 18 pound dog at home when it drops into the teens. He was fine though...I hadn't had him out in over a week and he went absolute apeshit when he saw me getting on my gear. Loves to run that little guy....I've had him on a 12 miler and he just looked at me when we were done like..'that's it?' Man...to have that kind of endurance. Now Jenga on the other hand....she's good for an easy 5 miles and that's about it. She's going to be 9 this year so I guess that's still pretty good. Makes me a little sad though...she was with me from the very beginning...learning with me...getting up at the crack of dawn when I was still doing what J is now.

So I was at work today and was talking to one of the nurses in the ER about my half in April...and she asked how far I was going now. Told her my longest run ever was 14.5 miles....to which she said...'so why are you concerned about the half? You're way past that anyways.'
She's a runner too...ran that 10 miler with me back in June when I blew out my knee...although we didn't really know each other then. She's helped me keep my ass in gear this winter...guiding me through what to wear..where to get deals..whatnot...

But her statement got me thinking...what's next? Can I do a marathon? There's a big difference between 13.1 miles and 26.2..but could I?

Here's my problems and thoughts on that.

I run 25-30 miles a week now...basically between cross training and running and maintenance exercise...I put in an additional 9-11 hours worth of exercise...time away from my family...time I have to 'make' time for....a week. That's on top of my 32 hour work week with an additional 1 hour commute total each day.

In order for me to even consider a marathon...my weekly mileage needs to be between 50-60 miles a week. That's the minimum mileage for me to feel comfortable attempting it. Basically twice what I'm doing now. Even if I cut out all cross training and just did maintenance exercise and running I would still need to come up with at least 5 more hours a week....maybe my maths off...but still...I don't think I have the time.

But here's another thought....I jumped from only ever doing a 5K to doing a 10 mile race..which is more than triple the 5K...so is it that far of a reach for me to do double the distance I can do now? Say in a year? Or even two?

Decisions decisions.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Off Days

I had the most wonderful 4 days off...it's being away from that place that makes me realize how very much I hate it. I don't get really bummed till I walk in....but from that moment on....it's like a huge weight on my shoulders that doesn't lift until we shoo the last injury faking, walk in at the last minute with an injury that happened two weeks ago...drug screen that was supposed to be done yesterday patient out the door. But I also think...I would be bored stiff in some little family practice clinic where I didn't see off the wall shit everyday. Who knows...but it will be a happy day when Skip gets the job he deserves and I can leave that place. I'm coming up on nine years there...that's a long time for something to wear on your soul.

So my cross training days are generally Mondays and either Wednesdays or Fridays. I always do Tae-bo on Mondays...and then this scary weight lifting chic on Wednesdays or Fridays. I also do 20 minutes of hip and knee exercises every single day to keep myself on track with my running. I totally blew out my knee last June..and then wrapped it and ran a 10 mile race on it and made it WAYYY worse. And if I slack on those hip and knee exercises...the pain comes back...as long as I do them...I run pain free.

So here's what I know about cross training. I like it...I couldn't be an everyday runner even though I love it when I'm out there. The cross is necessary...and breaks up the monotony of running and spending so much time in my own head. I also know that I can do an hours worth of Tae-bo and feel more exhaustion and like I worked harder then a two and a half hour run. The weight training doesn't get my heart rate going...but its a necessary evil..that I don't particularly mind.

Running is like my family...it's my heart...it's with me all the time. Cross training is my coffee date with girlfriends who I meet with once or twice a week...although I don't see my girlfriends once or twice a week.

Blah....I need to let this sleeping pill work and go to bed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Running Partners

So I guess I have one...and it's cool. This is J and my 5th run together...she's learning..and I'm adding that fourth run in a week that I needed. She's such a natural....I've got her talked into doing a 5K in April already..and she's going to be awesome. I truly hope she catches the bug because I think she'll be great. She's tall for one thing...so she has a long stride to her advantage...and she excels at anything she sets her mind to...another advantage.

The only other person I've ever run with and it's not been on a regular basis is my 13 year old son V. He ran my first race with me...a 5K that I'd trained for for a whopping 3 weeks...and he ran the entire thing..finishing not far behind his mama. I'll never forget that day... I ran it because my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer..and she was walking it...and I wanted to do it for her....V ran it because I did...and discovered something he loved. He ran that same race with me a year later...and took 2nd for his age group...and 9th overall. He's run two years of cross country and this year finished first in every meet for his school...took 4th in allcity. He's a natural as well....his personal best 5K to date is just a hair over 22 minutes...little stinker. He doesn't mind getting up in the morning and running with me....but I've passed him in distance...so he can't stay with me on my long runs...but he'll pop off a 5 or 6 miler without much complaining. This spring will be his first running track....which I know nothing about...so I hope his coach is decent. He's built for speed...I think he'll be great.

So back to partners.....I've always been an exercise loner. Hate hate hate the gym. I'm there to work..not make friends...which is one of the reasons I didn't rejoin this winter. I prefer my own company to most anyone else. Alot of that came from before surgery when I didn't want anyone to see me...so I worked out at home.
But meeting up with her...and being able to catch up and not just shove earpods in and go...is good. I think I would have liked it when I started running if there had been someone that had a CLUE what they were doing. I learned from reading....and more importantly..getting out there and doing. But I love to see her progress....today we did 2 and 3..as in 2 minutes of running..to 3 minutes of walking. Next week it will be even slpits..2.5 and 2.5. It was 3 degrees and windy off the lake...yikes. We finished a 2.3 mile run in 38 minutes....today was the first time we broke 40 minutes...not bad at all. And I've been getting there 20 minutes early so I can lap it once before she gets there....good shit for all involved.

Anywayssss.....I hope she keeps with it...one..because she's good at it..and it's good for her...and two..because running with someone else..especially someone who so far from sucks.....can be a good thing..even for a running hermit.

In other news....Skip is heading to Madison to pick up the kids and spend the afternoon with the ex-husband watching the game. So I have a wonderful...no plan filled afternoon in my future...and I'm off to it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

And the thermometer read *7* degrees

Holy crap that's cold. I had Skip drop me off down by the lake north of the zoo and told him I'd meet him at home in two hours...wtf was I thinking? 10 miles and 2 hours 1 minute 58 seconds later I was home. I saw two swans in the marina...swimming amongst the ice sheets.

I feel pretty good....I ducked into the dollar store around mile 7 and bought a hat...lotta good it did me by that point...but the new softshell jacket is the SHIT! This is my first winter staying out and not sissying up and joining a gym....and I feel real badass about this. There's something real hard core about going out in this garbage and running..for several hours no less. I ran in a minnie blizzard last Sat. morning....this also felt badass...lol. I'm lovin it though....almost better then in the summer...although this winter running requires a bit more preparation...as in two layers all the way across the board, chap stick, extra gloves, cellphone..blahblahblah. Summer requires as little to wear as possible..and the mp3..much easier.

As long as I can keep my mileage up...I'll be more then ready for the half in April...and so far this winter...I've not only kept my mileage...but actually increased it by adding that fourth day of running back in by meeting J every Sunday morning....I'm holding between 25-30 miles a week....good shit.

Skip and I are enjoying a much needed kidfree weekend thanks to the ex-husband taking the boys and lil T....god bless him and his 1 month sober ass....booya.

I need to thaw.....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Excited about ~10~

Earlier this week a coworker and myself were sitting in the back with no patients and a certain ER doc comes up to us out of nowhere and says "so...I'm really excited about ~10~"....and it struck me as so damn funny....maybe because it sounded so damn funny. Anyways.....
Skip and I dropped lil T at grandmas but not before we asked her if she wanted to have dinner with us to which she responded with a shreeeeekk....'NO!!!!' Nothing shy about that one and you never have to wonder what she's thinking.
We ate at Red Robin and it's times like that where I sort of miss having a normal stomach so I could have gorged myself within an inch of my life before heading out to drink myself under the table. We had an hour to kill before we were supposed to meet people so we hit the only open store we could find which was Target and I'm so glad we did. I was able to pick up a softshell running jacket for the subzero bullshit around here on clearance for 18 bucks....SCORE! I was stoked. Champion has a decent line of running gear out and they carry it there.

We started at Sunset and ended at Hattrix. It was a good night...I was so tired...and got drunk WAYYY to fast. We left at quarter after 12 and were home before 1. J called me a little bit ago...she was just getting home....hats off to her...this is going to be her year and damn...it started with a bang.


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