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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rollin Newbie Style

What an incredible morning…lots of estrogen or something…but I’m flying high. I met not only J, Amy and Traci…but Allison this morning and let me just say…I am amazed by these ladies. We’re quite the hodgepodge group…but man…what a group. It was perfect weather..or would have been if the sun had showed up…but we lapped the lake in around 40 minutes and we were doing even splits of 2.5 minutes running and 2.5 walking…and these chics are rocking it out like nobody’s business. I’m hoping they’ll all sign up for that 5K….I think that’s the loose plan. That’s going to be an incredible day. I also threw down the 100 pushup challenge that I started today. Here’s the link if anyone else is interested *100 Pushup Challange *. The boys are doing this with me…I did mine this morning and was a bit shaky when I was done..but it felt good….I did a total of 25..not sissy style..but military…hardcore..lol. Thanks to *this lady* for the idea….check out her guns…holy smokes!

So after cleaning up the house we’re heading out to ex-mother-in-laws for haircuts and Skips going to work on her computer. Weird that I hang with ex-MIL….why yes..yes it is.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

While Visions of Marathons Danced in Her Head

My phone went off @ 6 this morning and I got out of bed and headed over to Jeffs house. I was seriously delayed because the trail that I use to get between two of the streets was totally snow-covered so what usually takes me about 3 minutes to run…took me over 10 to snowshoe/bitch/hobble through. *Note to self..do more then DRIVE BY the trail you’re planning on running* So I get over by his house and call him..he doesn’t even say hello…but says “oh..you’re not running today? I’ll just go back to bed then.” To which I told him to get his ass down here so we can go.

We had a good run….he’s holding up really well. I talked to him a little bit about slowing his pace so he wouldn’t have to walk as much and he agreed. I think he could hang a lot better if he didn’t go out like he does…LOL. I like running with him. He doesn’t expect or even want constant chatter…but its companionable silence…with some interesting conversations thrown in here and there. So 10 miles turned into 12 miles…very soggy miles…but there it is. Five long runs left till the half. But it’s cool…because going over 10 miles isn’t feeling crazy anymore..and I think if I get to the point where 13 miles feels like 10 miles…I can start thinking more seriously about a full marathon. That idea is floating around in my head and getting more and more solid…I still don’t think it will happen this year…but maybe next? I’m just still trying to figure out where to find the time….find that other 20 miles a week…any ideas anyone?

Afterwards I showered and headed down to the hospital to organize the new clinic. I think it’s going to be good. It’s so nice to have our own space and not be stuck in the corner of the ER like a naughty kid. We’ve been stuck in that corner for 5 years…that’s a long time to run that place half assed with our stuff stashed all over the hospital, wherever there was a bit of room. So we now have 4 of our very own exam rooms, two drug screen labs, an actual waiting room of our own that will not house sick people of the ER’s, a beautiful desk area with room for all three of our computers and an office for doc that isn’t on the other side of the hospital. I’m pretty excited about work for a change….but Monday will probably still be a mess….I know the schedule is….it’ll be interesting.

So tomorrow morning I’m meeting not only J, but Amy and Traci as well. This is so awesome that these ladies are up for this. I give major props to each of them and I’m going to be standing at the finish line of that 5K in April waiting for them…with the biggest mama bear grin on my face when they finish… having run the whole way…whether they want to or not…

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just pics!

Lil T on her 5th Birthday.
My wonderful husband Skip..and another lil T.
Lil T and something?
My 'other' lil T and myself

That's all...nothing running or complaining related...just a little slice of my life

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Shoes, Snow Removal and sending Jerico to Heaven

First…I’d like to give a shitty snow removal shoutout to two places of business in Racine, WI. Dunkin Doughnuts and Golden Keys Restaurant on Washington Road….you guys blow. Your sidewalks are AWEFUL!! Did you NOT notice the snow coming down? Do you not have some poor teenager that you can pay minimum wage to go shovel the area in front of your place of business? Have you tried walking let alone running on that mess? I would love to see the owners of these establishments attempt to walk those sidewalks…from one end to the other…in front of their places….and see them land on their face while attempting to cross their frozen tundra mess…screw you guys.

 Anyways…the new shoes were good…felt good….although the run itself was one of the icky ones. No gas in the tank..in spite of me doing it an hour later then on a usual Tuesday…blah. Going up a half a size seems like a good move for me…but I’ll have to take them out a few more times before I can say for sure…but initially…6 miles in…it seems good.

On the home front…we had to put down our 12 year old cat yesterday. He’s suffered a stroke about a month ago..but after a weeks worth of seizures….seemed to be doing much better..although he wasn’t getting around as well…and he scared me to death to watch him go down the basement stairs. Over the weekend he took a turn for the worse having a major seizure on Sunday night and Skip and I decided it was time. So Skip got off work a little early and took him in. Now the pet taxi has been in Lil T’s possession for awhile now…she puts whatever in it and carries it around….so when Skip took him out at the vet…..a blue yamaka came out with him. Now we’re not Jewish…and the Yamaka came from my brother Paul..who is also not Jewish…and has been sitting proudly on the back of a taxidermy stuffed turtle on the bookcase in our living room for years. I don’t know how Lil T got it..or why it was in the pet taxi…but I like to think it was Gods stamp of approval on sending Jerico home. So this blog post is dedicated to a good cat…whom I’d had longer then my husband and one of my children….I hope you are at peace…and not falling over anymore.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New shoes and Underpronation

So I went to FleetFeet in Brookfield because I knew they carried Brooks among other shoes and I wanted to get an actual fitting….and in doing so I discovered two things. In running shoes….I wear an 8.5…now mind you..I’ve been wearing size 8’s since I started running…but this broad..who knew her stuff *I’ll get to that later*…told me no…I measured a bit over an 8…and that I should be wearing an 8.5. The other thing I learned…is that I don’t like New Balance shoes….the pair I tried on looked like R2D2 from starwars and felt like crap.

Now how do I know she knew her stuff? Let me start with the fact that I’m in a small group of runners that ‘underpronate’ as opposed to the usual ‘overpronaters’.
Roughly 3% of runners underpronate..and leave it to me to be one of them. I knew this a long time ago…but the fact that this broad could pick that up before I ran two feet from her really said something…she knew what she was looking for. But this means I need a neutral shoe with plenty of cushion. I liked this chic..and I would really have liked to give her a sale…but….they didn’t have anything that I feel in love with.

So what did I end up with? The exact same ASICS that I bought last time…just the newer version…from the exact same dude that sold me my last 3 pairs. But I’m hoping between going up a half size…and the fact that I bought the extended thingy that replaces the shoes for up to a year for ANY reason….these will not wear in the toe….and I will stay happily an ASICS girl.

Now I have to wait till Tuesday to try them out…..figures.

And last but not least…I met with Jules and another friend Amy at Lake Andrea this morning. Jule has been out of commission for a number of weeks but was ready to get back at it…and Amy wants to learn to run. Again I went about 20 minutes before them so I could get in a few miles before they got there. Both of them did awesome…and are raring to go. They are both planning on doing the 5K in April at the same lake…..they have like 8 weeks so they could totally run the whole thing by then. Good stuff.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

13.2 and Orange Hammer Gel

I only planned on a 10 mile day..and either my endurance is improving…or I’m just insane…probably both. But I do have to put in a few hours at work next Saturday so a 10 miler next week made more sense. It was snowing crazy here this morning…I think it still is..but warm…like 30 degrees warm…and how sick is that that I consider that warm? I headed out and about 5 miles in was still feeling pretty fresh so decided to do one more, turn around...and have a 12 miler..and of course..at 12 miles you think..wtf..what’s another 1.1 miles in the big scheme of things? It was slushy and nasty wet…I came home soaked to my knees…but felt much better then after my long run last weekend. I really concentrated on doing slower miles…..and came closer to the 12 minute mile logging an average of 11:36 miles. It’s hard to do though…when everything in you tells you to get yer ass moving faster. Mind over matter I guess.

So I was looking at the calendar and realized that I have exactly 6 long runs left to do before my half. The very last one I do will be a week before the race and that will be a 10 miler…other than that..my plan is loose. I would like 4 of these 6 to be at race distance or better. Not for one second do I want that 13.1 to feel foreign…I want to know exactly what I feel like…exactly how my body responds. Not that you can ever predict race day…but I want to know as close as possible…every scenario that I can dream up.

In shoe news….I attempted to find my next pair this last Thursday without success. I’ve got Brooks stuck in my head and am having a hell of a time finding them. I’ve been to two different stores that are listed as dealers on Brooks website that do NOT carry them any longer. Hmmmm. Makes you think they’re not as great as people say….or at least not selling great. I did find a couple pairs on the clearance rack at Sports Authority but they were stability shoes….which I’ve never run in and don’t need…so despite the nice price tag..I passed. But again…Sports Authority..which is not even listed as a dealer…is not carrying them any longer. So now I’m torn…do I go with what I’ve always liked…or continue my search for the unknown. Time is starting to run out….anyone out there have a shoe they love?

And last but not least…I tried another Hammer Gel flavor today…orange this time. Now let me say that I hate ALL things orange except the actual fruit….but this shit was good! I think I’m hooked. Still think Huckleberry is my favorite…but this was awesome too. People that have searched for the perfect energy gel can understand my happiness…because they’re usually nasty. Love the low sugar and instant boost!

Happy Saturday All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two in Front of One and the Reset

I’ve totally ripped off Billy Blanks on this one…but darn…there’s something to be said for it. When I first started with longer runs….I applied two things to pulling me through.

The first is the RESET. This actually came from a friend who used to go into the bathroom after heavy drinking and hurl his guts out…and then come out to continue to drink the rest of the night. He used to get this look on his face…make some strange noises…and head to the bathroom. I don’t remember who started it….but we’d holler…’RESET’ when he’d do it…and it kinda stuck. My reset is a little more refined I like to think….but the idea is the same. At some point during the run…I’m just done…nothing left..no gas in the tank…at that point…I will say outloud..’reset, reset, reset.’….and kind of start over. Get rid of what I’ve already done…start fresh with what I still have to do. It works…most of the time.

The Two in Front of One comes from a very old Tae-bo video…and at the halfway mark…about 30 minutes into the workout…Billy goes into one of his tirades..and although I can’t exactly remember what the words are…the gist is…’take the second half of your workout and put it in front of the first…and see what happens.’ That has stuck with me for almost 10 years..those words..that thought. I've twisted it..and made it my own. When Vincent started running 2 miles in cross country. .. I’d wait for him…at the 1 mile mark…when he had 1 mile left to go…and yell ‘TWO IN FRONT OF ONE’ several times…telling him in ‘our’ way..to put the 2nd mile in front of the 1st mile..and see what happens. He knew what I meant…no one else did…but I’d explained it to him very clearly on our early morning runs…showed him that part of the video…..told him what I thought that man hollering on the TV screen meant…and gave V what I could because I couldn’t do it for him. And that boy took first place for his school in every single meet this year…and I like to think that Billy and I had something to do with it.

So much with running is mental…I truly wonder what the ‘split’ on that actually is with the physical. I use both of these ideas to this day….I guess everybody needs to find their ‘thing’…their button to push…their RESET…their own mental mojo….and I’m rambling now…
Time to let these sleeping pills work their magic….weight training tomorrow and Thursday I’m going to find my new running shoes!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

6.8 and Biffing in Public

I did both of these things today. Allison had an upallnight sick baby so she bailed this morning. Instead of staying and sleeping in for once in a week…my dumb ass decided to run anyways. I needed to pick up a couple things for the kids and Skip for Valentine’s day so I figured I’d run to the store and back instead of taking the car. It was supposed to be a 4 or so mile recovery run…but after I’m out there…I guess I just don’t know when to quit….and I was feeling good..so I didn’t…LOL.

On to the biffing. So I’m about 5 miles into this run…..I have a backpack full of chocolate and I’m about 1.5 miles from home….running along 16th street…where I come across a chunk of ice. Now let me preface this incident with telling you that I am a kicker…rocks, ice, snow chunks…small children…whatever. If it’s in front of me..and I think I can launch it….I give it a whirl. It was probably 20 degrees…but it had gotten fairly warm yesterday so a lot of melting had gone on….I didn’t think this little ice chunk could possibly be attached to the road in any real way…but let me tell you…it sure the hell was. So I go to give it a good kick…*have I mentioned my aggression issues?*…and it didn’t move…but I did. It was like something out of the movies…slooooowwww motion. The good news? No one saw me….the better news?.....I only cashed my palms..and right hip. Landed like a movie star I did….all elegant and shit.

The moral of this story? KICK HARDER!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rollin 13.6 and Hammer Raspberry Gel

I took lil T over to Dawns house because Skip wasn’t coming home till tonight..and Dawn took mercy on me and agreed to watch T so I could get my long run in. Jeff had stuff to do today so I was going solo for the whole thing. I did take Jackson…Dawns 2- year -old chocolate lab with me for the first 4.5 miles. It was his first time out and he did awesome! Pulled the hell outta me until I turned that leash around and made it into a choke…then he was a total gentleman.
So I relaced my running shoes to try to get rid of this left foot weirdness and I think I succeeded. I laced them in the wide-foot/top of foot pain pattern and was basically pain free for the first 8 or so miles. After that I only had an occasional twinge. I laced them by skipping eyelets..especially at the bottom..so they were pretty much only laced normally at the top. Looked something like this.  I did ice it when I got home but its feeling really good right now. I’m on the fence on whether or not to cut my mileage this week…or just go status quo and see how the foot holds up. I’m buying new shoes either way next week to start rotating in….but I’m thinking of lacing my running shoes this way for good…but will decide after a little more wear.

I tried to concentrate on keeping my pace slow today. All I read about long runs say to make your pace around 2 minutes slower than your usual pace. So my usual pace is around 10 minute miles…sometimes less…so today…I attempted to run 12 minute miles….but did not succeed. I will try harder next time….12 minute miles are just really slow...KWIM?

I also tried another Hammer gel today…Raspberry..and AGAIN….it was not gross…gave an almost immediate energy boost..and didn’t make me gag. This stuff is excellent…and I am SO excited to find something that works!

So I’m meeting another newbie wanna runner tomorrow….Kudos to Allison for wanting to brave the elements and start getting healthy. J is still under the weather but is planning to join me next week. So Lake Andrea @ 8AM…rockin it newbie style…I need it after today…

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frosty 6.5

I wish I knew how to pull pictures off my phone because I took a doozy this morning. It was COLD! I kept having to melt the snowballs off my eyelashes so I could see. There was a really beautiful fog over near the beaver lodge and I took a pic of that…and of my frosty the snowbroad self…too funny…my black hair was covered in snowy white frost and my eyelashes are white.

Don’t know if I mentioned my nagging left foot pain that’s been bugging me here and there over the last week or so…but it definitely reared its ugly head this morning. Doesn’t hurt when I run…but sure the hell does when I stop. It’s the top of my foot…but doesn’t fit with the definition of a stress fracture so I’m going to try relacing my shoes and see if that helps. I have an off day tomorrow so it will have a break… If it does NOT straighten out shortly…I’m going to cut my mileage in half…do more cross training…and replace those trail shoes. They only have about 150 miles on them…but I vaguely remember this happening with my first pair or Nike running shoes I bought..and once I replaced them with ones that didn’t suck…I was fine. I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with a injury right now…but I DO have the time to nurse one and be back strong before my half.

Skip left for Oklahoma this morning…at this time 7 years ago we were sitting at the courthouse in Waukegan, IL waiting for the pastor to get there so he could marry us. I wish he was home. So instead…lil T and I are hanging…doin a whole lot of nothing today.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3.75..and Happy Anniversary Skip

What garbage this morning was. I went to sleep at like 6:30 last night…doped myself into oblivion and actually got some sleep. Woke up @ 4:30..got dressed….wadded my way out to the street to discover they still hadn’t plowed our road. I started out anyways hoping that they would have done a little more elsewhere and though they did…none of the sidewalks were done. Ended up doing 3.75 miles in tire tracks and dodging the plows and trying to stay upright. Blah..what a freakin drag.

So 7 years ago tomorrow I married a man I barely knew. Skip and I met the end of October..and married February 11th of whatever year 7 years ago was. I took a TON on faith and trusting my instinct…and so far…it’s turned out swimmingly. So many people thought we were crazy and we probably were…but if you think about it…our odds of sticking it out were the same as couples that had been together years before getting married. This man has loved me fat, skinny, tired, ugly, bitchy, sobbing, laughing and everything in-between. Right now…he’s on the way to church to pick up our kids…two of which aren’t even his…although you’d never know it. And he’s checking the trail I plan to run in the morning to make sure it’s clear. He’d work two jobs if I didn’t want to work and supports every single decision I have ever made..even when he’s doubted it. He’s my biggest fan…and my best friend. And I am the luckiest chic standing..although I’m laying right now.  We won't be together on our anniversary because he's going out of town...being awesome...climbing that ladder....

So Skip…my love….my husband…my partner in crime….I love you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Giveaway!!

From hands down the funniest broad I've read in a long time!  Not to mention I love Champions line.
*Great Giveaway Click Me*

In that ever present other news...we are currently being buried alive by old man winter.  I didn't get to run this morning so I swapped my workouts and did weights.  Hoping to get out tomorrow morning even if I have to tie a mini-plow to Brians chest to do it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The taper...and another baby lost.

So they’re calling for a boatload of snow tonight..but so far..nothing. I’m hoping it will hold off so I can get my run in…..things are going well and I don’t want to lose momentum. My half is officially 60 days away and it’s got me thinking about a little word that’s new to me…and that word is ‘taper’. Do you have to do this for a half or is it really only needed for a marathon? The longest race I’ve done to date was Lighthouse last year which was 10 miles. So many things were wrong before that race…and the only thing I really remember clearly is my knee feeling like crap and not running for about 2 days before the race. I’d lost a ton of mileage over that winter and had only run 10 full miles twice before race day. Now that’s more than many of the half training plans I’ve seen…but between my knee going to shit and general mental unpreparedness..everything just sucked. So I know I have other readers besides my lovely ladies that comment….and I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a taper before a half? Do you decrease mileage or long runs in the weeks leading up to it? Or just go light a few days to a week before? I’ve done some reading and have mixed reviews. Anyone? Anyone?

In other news…there was ANOTHER co-sleeping death in southeastern Wisconsin..and AGAIN…they had another child in bed besides the poor baby that died. That is either number 5 or 6 since right before Christmas. Do these people not read? Do they not listen to their doctors? After the second one they read about…or the third…or maybe even the FOURTH…wouldn’t you pause and say..’hey..maybe this isn’t the best idea?’ Prayers for that little angel..and the others that she’s meeting today….ugg.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

6.5...ooopss...I mean 8

One of those runs today. It was supposed to be an easy 6.5 mile day…that turned into 8 miles…with a few intervals thrown in mid-run. It was just clicking though..so I went with it. Ran over to Lockwood Park where the boys ran some of their cross country meets this fall…but most of the sidewalk that goes around it was covered with snow so I did a bit of cross country myself. I must say…I love being able to just go..the freedom of it just blows me away. I think having this Garmin is going to increase my mileage somehow…I could be wrong of course….but it certainly takes the stress of mapping and wondering how far I’ve gone if I haven’t mapped it. Don’t know…we’ll have to see.

Now I’m just waiting for the Super Bowl to start…not that I really give a shit but it gives me an excuse to make bad food and spend time with the family. I feel like all I’ve done this weekend was run and shop..typing that out..it doesn’t sound like a bad gig.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HEED from Hammer

Ok...I tried this stuff out this morning on my longrun and again..their stuff just really fits the bill.  I had the strawberry flavor and it was really mild...not like my usual G2 that I take out with me.  Didn't leave an aftertaste and was just good energy. 

HEED Strawberry

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 level scoop (29g)

1 level scoop = 47 cc = 3.2 tbsp = 9.5 tsp

Amount Per Serving

Calories 105 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 0g 0%

Sodium 40mg 2%

Total Carbohydrate 27g 9%

Sugars 2g

Protein 0g
Ingredients: Long Chained Maltodextrin, Xylitol, Natural Flavor, Calcium Chelate, Salt, L-Carnosine, Stevia, Glycine, Magnesium Chelate, Potassium Chelate, L-Tyrosine, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Manganese Chelate, Chromium Polynicotinate.

I also headed down to Racine Cyclery and picked up 5 more flavors of their gels to try.  I'll let you guys know how they are...so far though...I have to say...I've found my line of products and plan on using their stuff for my 2010 season....look at that sugar content...it's almost not even there!  Perfect!

Garmin Forerunner

Dude…..this thing is so freakin cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am completely in love with the Garmin….it’s going to change my running life.

It took about 30 seconds once I got outside to pick up satellite signal and then we were golden. Pace, distance, calories burned, time…OMG…so cool! Totally relaxing to be able to just look down and see how hard I’m working and how far I’ve gone…this thing is the shit…even if it’s big..LOL. And when I was done…I gave it to Skip and he plugged it into the laptop and it showed a map of where we had gone….even showed where I’d stopped to pee….too funny. 
So Jeff called me at quarter after 6 and got my ass going. I ran the 3 miles to his house and went from there. He did way better this week…much less walking. He was digging the watch…asking every once in a while…’so what pace we at?’ Cool shit. The wind was wicked but when we were out of it it was really nice out. I also tried a new sports bra this morning which was really good to the girls. I wasn’t expecting much because I picked it up at Wal-Mart for about 10 bucks…but it was really good.

So an excellent morning all around. Now I have mad crazy shopping to do all day long. Grocery, energy gel, pants for Dom…blahblahblah.
Hoping to get out tomorrow with Jule…but I’ll be out there either way with that big ass piece of heaven strapped to my wrist.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Injecting Brian

Is much harder then injecting people. He wiggles more than most grownups…and I feel worse doing it. I gave him his third distemper and his kennel cough vaccines tonight….and felt awful..he was so bummed at me. But appears to be over it as he is currently parked under my ass sleeping. I made his appointment today to be neutered…February 18th. I can’t wait…I wonder if his running will improve because he will be more aerodynamic?

So my Garmin was waiting for me when I got home from work. It is currently charging and Skip is reading the manual so he can tell me how to use it. I figured I’d have it by next weekend at best…but once Sears emailed me with a tracking number I realized it was only coming from Oak Creek! Cool beans! But this mofo is a big ass watch! It’s going to take some getting used to.

The loose weekend plan is to run over to Jeff’s in the morning….that’s if he doesn’t sissyup on me….run 4 miles with him…and then run home…totaling around 11 miles. I’m trying to do one long run at race distance…and then the following long run at 10 miles…just so I don’t get too burned out.
I’m supposed to meet J on Sunday….we’ll have to see how she’s feeling. As a newly single…she’s doing her fair share of partying and god bless her for it…
I also emailed Racine Cycle which is right down the road from me because they were listed on Hammers sight as a dealer and they DO have the gels!! Wooot! If I don’t meet Jeff I’ll definitely run that way and pick some of those up.

In other news….all my babies are home this weekend. I love and hate these weekends respectively. My house is much louder and busier when the boys don’t go to their dads and I generally get a lot less done…but they love to be home. They’ve been making that trek between here and Madison for so long…and though they love Dad…they hate the drive. They’re also getting to the age that their lives are totally based here..and here is where their friends and activities are…..

blah….I need that run tomorrow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Needing some sunshine!

I MISS the sun! I hate this month..and am ready for some sun. It’s doesn’t have to be warm, just some sun on my face occasionally. I wonder how my Vitamin D levels are..LOL!

Did intervals this morning…6.5 miles. I left Brian at home because it was only about 20 degrees….I’ll be happy to take his fuzzy little ass out again soon. I felt pretty good….much better then Tuesday. Skip and I went to Dicks last night and I bought some new ASICS socks so my feet were lovin me this morning. I also ordered that Garmin…it should be here in a week or so. I am completely excited about that….no more mapping for me folks…hell no! I was also eyeing shoes at Dicks….it’s funny how the athletic shoe guy knows me there…always stalking I am. I have over 100 miles on these trail shoes and I need to start thinking about buying a non-trail shoe to start rotating in before my half. The last pair I bought I really liked….I may even buy them again….but I want to some research first. I’m an ASICS girl…and generally I love them…except that they wear in the toes fairly quickly. I’ve run in Nikes and Adidas….and hated those. Maybe I’ll look at Brooks? I have a little time to decide.

So I’m heading to Dr. J this morning…so I better get lil T up and get to it. Wonder what he’ll have to say….

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


crappy run. I guess I was due. My last 3 or so Tuesday runs have gone so well….should have known it wouldn’t hold…lol. It snowed last night..and was still snowing at quarter to five when I went out. They hadn’t plowed and there was snow all over the sidewalks…..it was like running in sand…yukky, wet sand that happened to be white. I was still feeling a bit draggy from my longrun and Tae-bo yesterday….so I don’t know if that played in..but damn…I just wanted it over with. There’s always Thursday right?

Speaking of Thursday….I see Dr. J my gastric bypass surgeon on Thursday of this week. I haven’t seen him in over a year. I just know he’s going to bug me about going to meetings and wanting before and after pics…but I’m just not that type of girl…. My labs are good…my weight is good….so hopefully he’ll leave me be till next year.

So Skip has V over at the high school he’ll be attending next year for the ninth grade orientation. How can this be? I seriously don’t feel like I’m old enough to have a child entering high school. He’ll do awesome I’m sure. He will finally be able to play football which is what he’s wanted since he was a little boy. I’m so proud of him….his grades are finally what I know he’s capable of and I ‘think’ he’s finally starting to ‘get it’ about cause and effect. You do good things…..good things happen….Mom doesn’t bitch at you.

Today I made tuna salad with Orange bell peppers, onion, jalapenos, light mayo and dijon mustard….it was really good….yup..that’s all I’ve got.


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