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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lighthouse Run 2011...etc.

No race recap..that’s right..no recap whatsoever. I had a wonderful time with Katie…but I don’t feel like typing it all out so there. Here’s a pic of our amazing selves pre-race and that’s it. We have big plans for this race next year Katie and I ….stay tuned. I will however…say that Tate RAWKED her little race although she didn’t win…and loved Katie to pieces…too cute.

Fathers Day
Was good. Saw all the dads in my life. I got my dad a card and copied some text from this here blog into it….but I had to buy it because of what it said on the front…

Because her father listened to her, she knew she had something to say.

Because he believed in her, she believed in herself.
Because he said she could do anything, she did.

Sums up our relationship perfectly…and I am reminded yet again how blessed I am to have been raised by a man who instilled in me such self worth…and loved me enough that I never looked elsewhere for HIS love. Thank you Dad…for being awesome…for making me awesome….and in turn making 3 awesome super people…who will go on to make more super people….and on and on it goes.

Tattoo News
I got my marathon tattoo fixed on Monday night. After much post-tattooing running abuse…my tattoo looked like I took an eraser to it. I mean seriously folks….I covered it with a piece of gauze and ran 10 miles on it 3 freaking days after I got it. I should have waited till after Lighthouse to even get it…but since I didn’t…and I’m a dumbass about MANY MANY things…I got it….ruined it with shoes…and had to have it redone…go me. And for those of you that are interested….the second go at a month old tattoo hurts like a CRAZY MOFO.

Barefoot News
The upside of ruining said tattoo…is that I am determined to NOT wreck it this time because that shit hurts. I am now completely barefoot for at least the next several weeks. I have been having wonder peaceful slow runs. I’m running 3 to 4 miles at a stretch and feeling fantastic…I’m a happy nekkid foot running girl.

Yoga News
Loving loving loving yoga. Last week I tried the advanced class with Jessika…awesome. I took it again this Thursday and holy crap. At the beginning of class she said something to the effect of hearing that she took it too easy last week. And boy did she remedy that. It made the first advanced class seem like a brownie meeting. Fantastic! Afterwords I picked up the kids from the library and we went down to North Beach and while they played at the park I knocked out 4 barefoot miles along Lake Michigan. I am LOVING Thursdays!!!

So I hope everyone had a good week. I’m still looking for my perfect first barefoot race. I know there’s a evening 4 miler in Waterford that Lori does in the beginning of August. Happy Weekend All!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mangos, Mizunos and Mad Gnomes

If I had to count all of the mangos I have eaten since it became mango ~season~ in Wisconsin I imagine it would be over 50…I’ve started keeping the stickers on my food log see?

So when Skip is out of town and I am left to my own devices I do things. Things that I wouldn’t do if he was around to stop me…..like run in my Mizuno Wave Riders 14’s that I bought and hated right from the get go. Why do I hate them? Dunno…I LOVE the 13’s..have had 3 pairs of them….but I can’t run in these to save my life. So after 3 agonizing miles..he told me not to even bring them home and if I did…they better be gone before he got home. So…they have 40 miles on them, size 9 which in non-Mizuno talk is a size 8.5 running shoe. First email takes em and I’ll even pay the shipping.

Onwards. Lighthouse is this weekend….and although I had finally decided that I was running the 4 mile race barefoot..... I have instead laced up and am running the 10 with Katie. Because there are always other races to do barefoot….but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do then run this race with Katie. This was my first race of any distance 3 years ago…and although I have a score to settle with Lighthouse…..that will have to wait for another time because my only plan this weekend is to run whatever pace Katie wants…she’s training for her 3rd half marathon…and enjoying her company. Awesome!
This guy is Skip and my 'compromise' on a yard gnome...he wanted one soo bad but I told him hell no....so he got this guy instead.  His eyes light up at night...Lori says I have a demon on my front stoop.
And who knew they sold gummie tarantulas....or that they liked mangos too?

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I Hate Today

-Getting up at 4:50 to do yoga before my house is insane…and not being able to get the onDemand to work
-After failed yoga…trying to get a Tae-bo DVD going and being able to get sound but no picture
-The front end up the Charger sounds like it’s going to fall out?
-People asking me if their money is going to still be there after I do their drug screen..no dude..I’m going to steal your 5 bucks and leave ALL THIS!
-Knowing Skip is only going to be home 3 days before he’s gone for another 6
-Running distances longer then 5 miles…..seriously
-Paying bills
-Vincent running a 5:02 mile for his final in gym today…and refusing to run track…I WANT TO SCREAM
-Being too tired to make veggie fajitas

Things I Don’t Hate Today
-Yoga…worked later
-Winning a 70 dollar yoga mat from the studio after being put in a drawing for buying a summer pass
-Dr. Foster swearing
-Running barefoot
-Knowing I’m going to run with Lori tomorrow
-Reading good blogs

Looks like the bad won out today. Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 Miles at 96 Degrees

Equals stupid. I am on day 14 in a uninterrupted stretch of working out that I AM breaking tomorrow. The closest things I’ve had to rest days were the two miles I ran with Dominic last week and a 1.5 mile run with him on Sunday. And on that day I introduced V to barefoot running…now THAT was funny to watch. We haven’t talked about it since so I’m not sure what he really thought except that it was hot on his feet. I also stepped on a rock….all my damn weight on it…and bruised my foot up wonderfully. Hurt like hell…still does actually.
Monday was yoga. I took a class with Carla and she was a bit tougher then Linda. But starting next week I am switching to the Thursday yoga 2-3 class…can’t freakin WAIT!

Now today…ugg…today. Why did I run today? I guess to see if I could do it. The temperature was reading 98 degrees in my car when I left the hospital. I headed to Petrifying Springs because there’s a 2.5 mile loop and about half of it is shaded. Pets is a nostalgic location for me…..in high school we used to drop acid and head out there in the middle of the night and walk around on the trails…man were we stupid…lucky I got out of my youth alive I tell ya…LUCKY.

My foot still had a good bruise from Sunday so I didn’t even attempt any of this run barefoot. I did the first loop in the Wally Water shoes. I honestly like these. No they’re not barefoot…but for days like today…and places that are NOT barefoot friendly…these are a nice alternative. But even with the water shoes on my right forefoot was killing me because of that stupid bruise. Luckily I’d brought the Frees. I stopped back at my car and changed into them….and holy crap my feet got HOT! What was funny was that my splits in the Frees were actually slower then in the water shoes. Now all of the miles were slow…MAN were they slow. And I went through 3 16oz bottles of water and G2..and was still 3 pounds lighter when I came home. Too funny. It was miserable…give me a nice 20 degree day anytime over that mess. But with my luck…Lighthouse will be just as hot so at least I’ll be prepared.

Anywaysss…Skip is out of town again…can you believe that? HA! He’s coming back Thursday afternoon by threat of divorce because we signed up to help out at Tates school for Field Day. Then the last day of school is Friday and you guys probably won’t hear from me again till September. Want to talk lucky.

Have a great week!

Friday, June 3, 2011


So what do you take pictures of when you are 6 and steal your mothers camera?

Your dog Brian and your bear.
Your princess rocking chair.
The bathroom.
Your other dog after you makes her get into your bunkbed.
Your matching fingernails and piggynails
Your framed artwork.
Your swingset.
And of course....yourself.


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