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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Updates Updates Updates

After some interesting conversation today….Skip asked me when I was ever going to update my blog….I guess it’s time. Things they are a changing….especially me…and it seems like some people don’t like it.

Let me back up.

Good times were had by all. Kentucky was very beautiful but was one of the first places I’ve visited where I just couldn’t see myself. Weird but true. Everyone was able to do what they wanted…fishing for V and Skip, swimming for Tate, Dominic got to go horseback riding in the mountains….and I got to relax. We got to spend time with Skips son Patrick and his fiancĂ© Crystal….it was awesomeness. On the way home we went through Louisville and crossed another thing off my bucket list...seeing Churchill Downs.  Don't know if I've ever talked about it in this blog but my entire youth was consumed with my wanting a horse.  I watched every Derby and read anything I could get my hands on about horses...so this was HUGE for me. 
This little dude wandered up to our campsite the first morning.
All my eggs in one boat?
And there it is...I about threw up.
My three little jockeys.
I have been completely barefoot for the last month with the exception of 2 runs that I did in water shoes after rainfall. One in Kentucky…damn it’s hilly there. And one this morning with Lori. I am relaxed….enjoying running…and honestly not doing to terribly much of it. 3 or 4 five mile runs a week…that’s it…and that is awesomeness as well. I told Lori and Skip that this is my summer of *I just don’t give a fuck*….and I don’t. Running for the joy of it…not killing myself..not being so desperately driven. If I don’t feel like running….I don’t. Although I did break an hour for 5 miles barefoot the other day…and I did like that…HA!

One of the wonderful things I did in Kentucky was take my yoga mat…run the mile to the beach…and do yoga on the beach at 6 in the morning. Nothing but me…the water…and sweat…incredible. I’m still taking my class on Thursdays and am expanding my home library. I’m doing lots of reading and I feel stronger, calmer…and definitely more flexible. I don’t know if it’s the yoga or me or growing older….but it takes me hours to become a spaz again afterwords.

This is where the interesting conversation came in. Mixed in with all the reading I’ve been doing was a book called Transition to Vegetarianism. I grabbed it at the library mostly because it had a picture on the front of a carrot in a hotdog bun. It’s an idea I’ve toyed with on and off over the years and having not ever been a huge meat eater it really isn’t much of a transition..but tomorrow it’s been a week…with the only exceptions being a couple of eggs and a salmon patty one night…I’ve been meat free. I feel good..and this book gave me lots of insight on how to do it smartly…and without becoming deficient in anything.

So Skip and I were at breakfast this morning and Tate offered me a piece of bacon…and I told her that I was not eating meat. Skip looks up from his plate like WTF? And makes a comment about how he didn’t marry a marathon running vegetarian. To which I was like WTF? No…he didn’t marry a marathon running vegetarian…he married an overweight, smoking, drinking, meat eating person that wasn’t taking care of herself. That had family history of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. And for some reason he seemed to like that better. I guess I’m still a little salty about that. We’ve both changed…it’s impossible not to when you’ve been together for awhile….you have to love the core person because the outside is going to shift around a bit. I didn’t marry a globe trotting desk jockey that people look to and listen to….so there you are. Good thing I adore that man.

So that’s my update in a nutshell. 5 miles on tap for the morning…or possibly..not.

Hope everyone is well!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Early Morning Stoned Pimp

So today I am crossing something BIG off my bucket list. Going to see Kid Rock at Summer Fest. I am so excited I am about to burst! And on top of doing this incredible thing that I have wanted to do for about 20 years……I’m going with Julie..one of my BEST forever friends whom I NEVER run out of things to talk to about. Don’t know which I like better….so I am choosing to like both best.

Running News
I have not had shoes of any kind on to run in over 2 weeks. My max run has been 4.5 miles and the going is slllooowwww. Not that I’ve ever been what you would call speedy in shoes…but going from 9 plus minute miles to pretty consistently over 12 minute miles can be a bit hard to swallow. But the enjoyment factor cancels out the slowness factor I like to think. And with the heat climbing up into the 90s some days…not having hot shoes and socks on is awesome. So much easier to just jet out the door and go. I’ve had few issues with the exception of a pretty ugly blister that came from running when the ground was too hot…but it’s healing….ugly but healing. I’m hoping to be up to running a fall half marathon without shoes but we’ll see. That seems pretty larger right now and I don’t know if my feet will be tough enough by then…..but on the flip…my determination is pretty large as well.

Yoga News
I am officially smitten. I love going to the studio for my once weekly class. I really thought I may hate classes but they’re good. The chics in the advanced class are rocking yoga broads that can do all sorts of crazy shit and gives me something to work for. And I’m getting better….my balance and strength are growing every day and poses that I couldn’t even think of doing a couple months ago are slowly coming to me. I did my first shoulder stand this week and though not pretty…or very straight…..it felt incredible because I had NO idea I could do it. A modified crane or crow pose that didn’t end up in a face plant….good stuff. And it’s pretty easy to do lots of yoga when you can’t run very far.

Tattoo News
Not shoving my feet in running shoes after having it redone has done wonders. It’s been two weeks today and although still healing, I think the second coloring did the trick. Would I ever get another foot tattoo? As a runner….probably not. But I do love the way they look.

Family News
On Wednesday morning we’re leaving on a family vacation to the Daniel Boone National Forrest in Kentucky. Never heard of it? Me either. It’s 9 hours from here by car and we’re breaking up the trip both ways. We’re leaving Wednesday morning and driving to Indianapolis and staying the night in a hotel..and then driving the other 4 hours to the campground or whatever the hell it ends up being….the next morning. We borrowed Skips moms minivan because damned if I’m going to make that drive with the three kids stuffed in the back of my Charger. The thought of going anywhere in a minivan just about brings me to tears but I will suffer through for the cargo room.

Another high note is that Skips son Patrick and his fiancĂ© Crystal are driving from Virginia and meeting us to camp. How cool is that? We have no real firm plans except that Dominic and I are going horseback riding at some point and I also want to do some kayaking if I can find a place that rents them. I really want to buy a kayak. I will be a barefoot, yoga doing, kayaking runner. How’s that for rounded?

Have a great fourth everyone!


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