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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Training of Dom

Whew..been awhile.

Dominic is finishing his first month of half training. I am amazed..he is hitting every workout with a ball bat and as I said before we started…is giving me a run for my money. I will tentatively put this here…I am thinking we will probably beat my half PR in this race…at least it wouldn’t surprise me if we did. And I am also putting this here where I know he won’t see….if he is still strong by mile 11….I’m going to let him go and see what he can do. He ran a 5 miler Tuesday night by himself…his last mile he ran a 9:08….and came home feeling fine. I think he is surprising himself with speed he had no idea was there. Today we have an easy 4 miler and this Saturday we have our next long run of 8 miles…he likes the long ones because he gets to eat..my boy…lol.

On a not so side note….I’ve been off running for the last week. Today will be my first day back after a week of cross training and ultrasound and ice on my left heel. Literally the first night of training…when we got home..I noticed something weird feeling in the pad of my left heel extending into my arch. It didn’t hurt when I ran…but by Friday of last week after a pretty intense speed session Thursday night I could barely walk on it. On Friday I called my newest favorite person *she was my newest favorite person before this too* and asked her to fix me. It didn’t present as planter fasciitis in any clinical tests so we think it was or is just a deep strain or bruise. Either way…we’ve spent the last week with ultrasound, low dose ibuprofen around the clock, icings every day several times a day and NOT running. Just trying to give it a chance to heal. As of right this second…there is only minimal pain if I push on the area pretty hard. We will see what today brings and after my long run on Saturday I should have a pretty good idea of whether or not this race is going to happen for me. And if I have to choose between running this half with Dom…or beating the shit out of Lighthouse as planned…..it will be this race with Dom..hands down.

So that’s all the news to date. Actually…that’s not even close to all the news to date…but it’s all I have time for today. Hope everyone is well and we’ll see if I can take a stab at more regular blogging for a change.


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