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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A NotSo Review of 2012

I am not really going to try and attempt to update…there just isn’t enough damn time. Looking back I realize that I never even did a race recap of Dominic’s half. He finished…and aside from an 8 minute crapping incident on the side of the road…had a wonderful time. So pleased with himself and happy…it was a good day.
I finished as well…and that race started 6 months of trying to fix what did in fact end up being Plantar Fasciitis. It was horrible. I basically took the summer off….started and finished P90X in the process…and finally in November had my own blood injected into my foot…spent a week in a boot. Knocked out some PT and am finally back to running 5 miles and am completely pain free. Crazy right? But I love the idea of healing me with ME. I had pretty much lost hope that I would ever be able to run distance again…but this shit worked….when NOTHING else did.

This year has brought many many things…and taken a few as well. My godmother…whom Tate is named after HER daughter…passed away this year. It broke my heart and reminded me yet again…to do what you have been thinking about doing….or been meaning to do….because shit happens EVERY day and poof….that opportunity is gone gone gone. I hadn’t seen her in months….and I still kick myself. My father was also diagnosed with liver cancer this year….and although it hasn’t taken him…and I don’t think it will…it made me realize that I’m not ready for that…not that you ever really are. But YEARS ago…I made a deal with God……and that was if he let my dad be around long enough that my kids would be old enough to REALLY remember him….then I would be cool with whatever happened. Well my kids are all old enough to really remember my dad if he died tomorrow….but try as I might….I am not cool with whatever happens…even though I am trying to be. The week before Christmas he came down with pneumonia….and ended up in the hospital till Christmas Eve….and I was stricken the whole time….ugg…what a freakin year.

There were plenty of good things though…I keep my mind on those. Both the boys are working now….so proud of them. They work together at a lovely restaurant up the road from us. Tate is beautiful and amazing. We had a wonderful family vacation at Keyes Lake in northern Wisconsin again this year. My step-son, his wife…and their amazing friend Ty moved up here from Virginia and are blessing our life by becoming a part of it. So in the bad there is so much good. Ty and I ran trails this morning at Pets….it was 8 degrees…..that’s how we kick off the New Year Wisconsin style. Skip is good as well…dipping his foot in the triathlon pool and makes me glow with pride. When I couldn’t run…he tried to do it for me…now THAT is love folks…that is love.
And wrapping up this post….I will try and probably fail to be a better little blogger girl. Happy New Year…and even though I kind of shudder to think what 2013 will bring…..I face it head on, bells on….and running shoes on.


  1. I've missed you. Happy New Year to you and yours :)

  2. So crazy! I was just thinking this morning how quiet you have been!
    I am glad you healed! I am still OUT. And pissed about it. Going on 5 months. Starting to feel better but not good enough to run. Swimming lots and trying to add weights.
    Glad to hear from you.



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