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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 Miles at 96 Degrees

Equals stupid. I am on day 14 in a uninterrupted stretch of working out that I AM breaking tomorrow. The closest things I’ve had to rest days were the two miles I ran with Dominic last week and a 1.5 mile run with him on Sunday. And on that day I introduced V to barefoot running…now THAT was funny to watch. We haven’t talked about it since so I’m not sure what he really thought except that it was hot on his feet. I also stepped on a rock….all my damn weight on it…and bruised my foot up wonderfully. Hurt like hell…still does actually.
Monday was yoga. I took a class with Carla and she was a bit tougher then Linda. But starting next week I am switching to the Thursday yoga 2-3 class…can’t freakin WAIT!

Now today…ugg…today. Why did I run today? I guess to see if I could do it. The temperature was reading 98 degrees in my car when I left the hospital. I headed to Petrifying Springs because there’s a 2.5 mile loop and about half of it is shaded. Pets is a nostalgic location for me…..in high school we used to drop acid and head out there in the middle of the night and walk around on the trails…man were we stupid…lucky I got out of my youth alive I tell ya…LUCKY.

My foot still had a good bruise from Sunday so I didn’t even attempt any of this run barefoot. I did the first loop in the Wally Water shoes. I honestly like these. No they’re not barefoot…but for days like today…and places that are NOT barefoot friendly…these are a nice alternative. But even with the water shoes on my right forefoot was killing me because of that stupid bruise. Luckily I’d brought the Frees. I stopped back at my car and changed into them….and holy crap my feet got HOT! What was funny was that my splits in the Frees were actually slower then in the water shoes. Now all of the miles were slow…MAN were they slow. And I went through 3 16oz bottles of water and G2..and was still 3 pounds lighter when I came home. Too funny. It was miserable…give me a nice 20 degree day anytime over that mess. But with my luck…Lighthouse will be just as hot so at least I’ll be prepared.

Anywaysss…Skip is out of town again…can you believe that? HA! He’s coming back Thursday afternoon by threat of divorce because we signed up to help out at Tates school for Field Day. Then the last day of school is Friday and you guys probably won’t hear from me again till September. Want to talk lucky.

Have a great week!

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  1. AHHH you are amazing!!!! I actually toyed with the idea myself so I could get some more hot weather prep in, but I kept picturing myself passed out on the street somewhere with homeless people poking my body?? Seriously though, GOOD WORK! I've seen several runners out there these past two days and I'm really impressed!



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