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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ripped In 30 updates and Uncle Michael

So is there anything weird about running in a cemetery when it’s 6 degrees with a negative wind-chill? I didn’t think so. Tack onto that that I was running with my 14 year old son and my ex-brother-in-law. These things made this an epic run though it was neither long nor really very pleasant. What made it cool…no pun intended…was running with a man that was my brother. When I met Michael I was 16 years old and he was in the army….so I never really had the time to get to know him the way I wanted to. It’s funny really…Adams family always said that Michael and I were much more alike than Adam and I. Michael…is a dirty little punk rocker at heart…that’s what I love about him…even if he’s a freakin doctor now.

I don’t know how this run really came about. But Dominic had his school conference yesterday afternoon and somehow it turned into Michael going to the conference with me and then the three of us heading out for a run. Michael is a new/old runner getting back into the sport and is delighted that Dom is training. Dominics home room teacher didn’t know quite what to make of Michael and when Dom introduced him as his uncle I could clearly see the questions since he was so obviously not my blood brother. It was good though..Michael liked the school and it was nice for him to come. Dominics school is different…special and one of a kind in a hippy love fest sort of way. They do wonderful things for the community…did I mention this place is in the hood and on crack row? But their scores rank among the highest in the state and although they’re really heavy hitters academically…the electives are a joke…as in…Clay, Origami, Sudoku and Adopt a Beach to name a few. Regardless….he is happy…pulling down the big boy grades…and was crazy thrilled to run with his uncle. Michael is in town for another week I think and I really hope we can do it again…maybe above 10 degrees this time.

I am just finishing week three of the Ripped In 30 series and I must say that this one is a killer. One more day and I am on to week four. My body is so much smaller but even with the diet modification I am down about 3 pounds. I know that my body fat percentage is where the numbers are really going down but I’m a girl…I want to see the numbers on the scale…shoot me.

Anyways…winter running has hit full force in Wisconsin. Five to eight inches of snow today into tomorrow…this weekends runs should be interesting. Hope everyone’s having a great week!

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  1. I would totally take sudoku :) I love how much you get to run with your family - I'm still waiting for mine to get a bit more interested...



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